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Tradition Time With Eliza!

Angel Ceremony

“Tears that Angels Cry” is a song you might go your whole life without hearing if not for Bryn Mawr. To the Bryn Mawr family, it only takes three notes of the song to know what is happening: The Angel Ceremony.

Eliza Kagan as a Bunk One Camper at Lake Bryn Mawr Camp, showing off her angel necklace with a bunkmate
That’s me on the left, minutes after getting my angel!

One of the most special traditions at Bryn Mawr is our Angel Ceremony. In Bunk One, each camper receives a silver angel. Dan always starts this ceremony by saying that the value of the angel is not in the silver, it is an intrinsic value — the symbolism that connects you to Bryn Mawr, your camp memories and all former and future angels. Each year, this sentence brings more and more meaning to me. 

The angel that I received when I was in Bunk One connects me to my camp friends and my memories as a camper, but also to all other alumni that I have come across in different paths of life since finishing camp. Bryn Mawr is the most special connection, and each and every time I see a former Angel, I feel special to be a part of this giant family! 

Over the years, the symbolism of my own angel has come full circle. Since returning to LBMC as a member of the staff, having the opportunity to give a new group of Bunk One girls their angels has been extremely special for me. My angel not only connects me to my friends and my experience, but to the girls that experience that same Bunk One magic each and every year. I am counting the days until I am on that stage, Dan and Jane cue the music, and we can give the ’20-’21 Super Seniors their angels.



Today is Somebody’s WINTER Birthday…

Happy birthday to all of our December, January and February Angels!


Shelby K.
Deanna S.
Anna R.
Daniella B.
Alexa L.
Jazz S.
Sophie P.
Madison R.
Mandy S.
Eden B.
Cameron D.
Ashley G.
Jordyn K.
Hunter B.
Livia G.
Julia S.
Lily H.
Stella L.
Madison T.
Sydney O.
Hayden R.
Allison R.
Lisa K.
Mary K.
Sophie O.
Brooke S.
Penelope F.
Logan M.
Talia R.
Lila S.
Stella S.
Hannah Z.
Kaila R.
Simone S.


Leah D.
Jocelyn P.
Lilah P.
Ashley Z.
Parker L.
Alexa S.
Addison S.
Celine B.
Chloe F.
Emily F.
Chelsea H.
Rachel O.
Talia O.
Carly G.
Jessica S.
Ellie V.
Dahlia B.
Hazel G.
Ronni S.
Chloe K.
Brooke Z.
Courtney Z.
Taylor F.
Marlow M.
Chloe M.
Mila M.
Ella M.
Ruby S.
Edie S.
Stella G.
Catherine M.
Jordyn E.
Reeve H.
Sienna C.
April L.
Sofia Y.
Maryn M.
Maia H.


Silvana M.
Dylan D.
Jordyn F.
Chloe W.
Sarah S.
Bella G.
Jamison G.
Brooke S.
Ryann B.
Julia K.
Hannah S.
Ella R.
Braelyn B.
Ariana S.
Elle H.
Reese B.
Ginger F.
Emma R.
Hannah R.
Shayna H.
Natalie K.
Sophia K.
Marley S.
Talia U.

Camper News

Welcome, New Campers!

Let’s give a “mighty cheer” for our newest Angels, who will be joining us for the first time in Summer 2021! We’d like to extend a Bryn Mawr welcome to:

Manor House: Liv A., Sasha B., Mara F., Gabby G., and Ella F.
Lodge: Arabella B., Yasmeen M., Luciana P.
Lower Juniors: Penelope F., Vivienne R., Molly M.
Lower Seniors: Sophia S.
Upper Seniors: Alexa S., Sofia Y.

We can’t wait to see you at camp in just a few short months!

Big News From Cabin Row

Welcome to the Poplar Posts!

After decades in publication, this year the Poplar Post is officially going digital!

This year has been challenging for all of us, but if there’s one thing that camp has taught us (besides the Angel Code, the value of friendship, and the words to countless songs and cheers), it’s that a tough challenge has the potential to bring out the best in each of us. We didn’t get to spend our summer together at camp this year, so we’re meeting that challenge with innovation! 

While we are socially distanced, we’re going to make even more of an effort to ensure that we stay socially connected. Taking the Poplar Post online means we can publish more often and include more fun elements, like this video from Jane and Dan:

Now here’s our challenge to you: Find one new way to stay connected to your camp friends this winter! Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Turn some of your favorite camp photos into postcards and mail them to your friends
  • Schedule an all-bunk afternoon “rest hour” videoconference
  • Meet up for a hike or other safe outdoor activity (remember to maintain distance and mask up!)
  • Coordinate a craft, book or friendship bracelet swap by mail (if you’re looking for inspiration, how cool is this rainbow craft swap?

Send your updates and post ideas to Eliza for inclusion in a future Poplar Post!

Be sure to add the Poplar Post blog to your bookmarks, and make sure your parents have their Campanion app notifications turned on so you’ll be the first to know when there’s new content to check out!

Camper News

Goodbye Bunk 22, Hello Swings!

It’s been a sunny and busy fall season at camp!

Every year, our year-round crew makes the most of the beautiful Poconos autumn to get as much work done as they can before winter sets in. This year has been no different! They have been busy this fall replacing exterior siding on Bunk 1, Bunk 2, the Lodge and the Manor House.

But the biggest change is happening in Junior Camp, where we have something exciting happening! Bunk 22 has been used over the years as an infirmary, a camper cabin, and staff housing, and after a long life, this fall it was torn down to make room for something we think you’ll really enjoy… a new swing set!

Next summer, the Lower Juniors’ area will have a fresh new look and a beautiful new play area to enjoy during free time. We can’t wait to see the smiles on your faces when you see this special new spot on Cabin Row! 


Today is Somebody’s FALL Birthday…

Happy birthday to all of our October and November Angels!


Addison (Lower Seniors)
Brandi (Upper Juniors)
Charlotte (Bunk 1)
Elle (Upper Juniors)
Eloise (Manor House)
Emily (Upper Juniors)
Emma (Bunk 2)
Hannah (Upper Juniors)
Isabel (Upper Juniors)
Isabelle (Bunk 2)
Ivy (Lower Juniors)
Lila (Lower Juniors)
Liv (Manor House)
Lucy (Lower Juniors)
Maya (Upper Seniors)
Morgan (Bunk 2)
Olivia (Lower Seniors)
Olivia (Upper Juniors)
Shoshana (Manor House)
Zoey (Bunk 2)


Abby (Bunk 2)
Aerin (Bunk 2)
Alexandra (Bunk 1)
Angelin (Upper Seniors)
Brooke (Lower Juniors)
Charlotte (Lower Juniors)
Dahlia (Manor House)
Elisabeth (Bunk 1)
Jessica (Bunk 2)
Julia (Upper Seniors)
Lucy (Bunk 1)
Natalya (Lower Seniors)
Sasha (Lower Juniors)
Shoshana (Bunk 1)
Sophie (Lower Juniors)

Tradition Time With Eliza!

Ice Cream Night


There’s no sweeter sound than hearing Bunk One start this chant that lets us all know it’s time for a surprise Ice Cream Night!

At camp, we enjoy a snack each night after evening activity. On a few exciting nights during the summer, we are treated to a special snack. One of these is Ice Cream Night.

Ice Cream Night is always a surprise, and it is always fun! We bring out a variety of flavors and toppings, and instead of going straight back to our cabins, all of camp goes to the Dining Hall together to enjoy sundaes.

Ice Cream Night is more than a special snack, though; it’s a special event all on its own. Once everyone has had their ice cream, our oldest campers in Bunk One will call up girls to sing for the whole camp. It is extremely special to see Angels from all age groups stand up in front of everyone and share their songs. There is truly magic in the Dining Hall on Ice Cream Night, and that’s why I love it.

Another reason I love Ice Cream Night: sprinkles. Many of you know that I love my ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on the top AND bottom… always. If you have never tried ordering your ice cream this way, that is your first task after reading this post. 

So — what is your favorite ice cream? Chocolate? Vanilla? Cookie Dough? Sorbet? Dairy-Free Ben & Jerrys? You’ll have to let me know!


Freeform (no theme)

How to Practice Thanksgiving All Year Long

This is the time of year when we start to talk about thanks and thanksgiving (because, well… it’s time for Thanksgiving!). But the idea of “thanksgiving” is more than a holiday or a family celebration — and it’s something we can practice all year round.

What is gratitude?

“Gratitude” is more than just saying the words “thank you” (that’s just good manners). It means truly being grateful for the good things in your life and being willing to express that thankfulness. Even when times are hard, you probably have a lot to be thankful for — a warm home, a loving family, a great teacher, friends who care about you, experiences you’ve had, places you’ve been, special memories, things in the future to look forward to (like Summer 2021 at LBMC!).

Just like a muscle, gratitude gets stronger with practice! Get in the habit of expressing your appreciation, and soon you’ll find yourself spotting the good in almost any situation.

Why does gratitude matter?

Besides living out the Angel Code value of Beauty, gratitude has scientifically-proven benefits! Researchers have found that gratitude can lead to better physical and mental health, more friendships, even better sleep! 

A gratitude mindset also makes it easier to bounce back when you experience difficulties. (This is known as “resilience.”) When you focus on looking for the good, you’re building up emotional strength that helps make you more resilient so you can get through tough times.

And of course, when you express gratitude to other people, you’re making them feel good, too — so your gratitude mindset can have a positive ripple effect!

How do I practice gratitude?

Practice makes progress. That’s true of anything you want to get better at, from sports to school to music — and that includes gratitude! Try making gratitude a daily habit. If you keep a planner or diary, dedicate a little corner of each page to writing down something you’re thankful for. Or leave yourself a note on the bathroom mirror to remind you to think about what you’re grateful for while you brush your teeth. (Maybe you’ll even start brushing longer!)

Here are some more fun ideas to help strengthen your gratitude muscle:

Coming in 2021

Coming to LBMC in 2021…

Welcome to our newest Angels! We can’t wait to see you at camp in June.

Manor House: Addision G (Long Island), Dahlia S (New Jersey), Elle M (NYC), Eloise C (NYC), Haily K (NYC), Jordyn E (New Jersey), Lily H (Florida), Liv S (Westchester), Logan M (New Jersey), Mila M (Maryland), Shoshana W (Long Island), Sienna C (Westchester). Lodge: Alexis D (New Jersey), Alyssa K (New Jersey), Ava M (Philadelphia), Campbell R (NYC), Charlotte R (Westchester), Elle S (NYC), Grace P (Westchester), Hayley K (New Jersey), Juliet R (Westchester), Kate K (New Jersey), Maya M (Philadelphia), Nora C (NYC), Parker L (Westchester), Riley C (Connecticut), Zoe G (New Jersey), Gabriella H (NYC). Lower Juniors: Brooke M (Westchester)

Preparing for Summer 2020

The new year is here, and the countdown to our 100th summer has officially begun!

Each month, we’ll be buzzing your inbox with a quick roundup of to-dos, reminders, and tips for new parents. Keep an eye out for Bryn Mawr Buzz and stay in the know as we prepare for Summer 2020! Here are the highlights from the January Buzz:

Everything Camper

Our official camp outfitter is Everything Camper. Whether you’re outfitting your camper for the first time or just replacing a few pieces from last summer, all official camp uniform must be purchased through Everything Camper. Roadshows, where your camper can try on uniform items in person, begin Jan. 31 — you can make a roadshow appointment or order uniform online at

Learn more about the benefits of a camp uniform in this post from our blog archives!

Get All Your LBMC Gear

Packing for Camp

Download Your 2020 Camp Packing List »

Please look it over and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Storage space in the cabins is sufficient for the amount of clothing on this list, and we thank you in advance for not overpacking — more “stuff” is hard for campers to keep organized!

Please make sure everything you send to camp is labeled with your camper’s name, including sporting equipment and shoes. Everything Camper does not automatically label all uniform clothing. If you want your daughter’s clothing labeled before it’s shipped to you, please be sure to select that option when placing your uniform order.

Pen Pals

Nobody is better at explaining camp life than campers themselves. That’s why we pair each new camper with a returning Bryn Mawr Angel as a pre-camp pen pal! In the coming weeks, we’ll be reaching out to some of our returning campers to ask you to participate in the pen pal program. Thank you for living the Angel Code value of Comradeship by being good friends to our newest Angels before the summer even starts! New campers, you should expect to hear from your pen pal sometime next month. If you haven’t received a letter by the end of February, please contact the winter office.

Bunk One Weekend

This year’s March Meeting will be held March 7-8 at camp. Super Cabin One parents (girls entering 10th grade), be on the lookout for a separate mailing with details about this special weekend.

New Parent Tip

In addition to her uniform clothes, we recommend sending your daughter to camp with two to three non-uniform all-green and all-gold/yellow outfits that she can wear on spirit days and during Color War.