Arts & Crafts See it in 360

The Sarah Hoffman Art Center is home to our arts and crafts, with a separate ceramics building. This bright, airy building has room for several large groups of campers to work on different projects at the same time. All campers participate in our arts and crafts program. Beads, leather, wood, decoupage, textiles and clay are just a few examples of media that our girls work with. Our Fine Arts elective is available to Senior Campers who want to take their artistic inspiration to the next level. In silver jewelry and wood working, campers can create anything from simple necklaces to bespoke jewelry — even one-of-a-kind working art clocks!

Cooking See it in 360

One of our most in-demand programs, cooking offers campers the chance to make all kinds of tasty treats while learning about good nutrition and clean, healthy kitchen habits.

Drama See it in 360

Got a flair for the dramatic? Take center stage! Campers in every age group will have opportunities to perform during the summer. Any camper who wishes to participate will be given a role, while others may opt to participate backstage, learning set design, stage management, costuming and lighting.