Why Work at Camp?

Today: Camp
Tomorrow: The world

There’s a reason some of our favorite books, movies and TV shows are set at summer camp — being at camp is an experience like no other! And for staff, it’s more than just a fun job. Camp is a place to develop skills you’ll use every day, in countless ways, no matter where life takes you.

So — why should you work at Lake Bryn Mawr Camp this summer?

Prepare for the summer of a lifetime.
From cabin life to Color War, swimming to sing-a-longs, talent shows to tug-o-war, a summer at camp is something everyone should experience. With more than a century of summers under our belt, Bryn Mawr is a place where time-honored tradition and fresh new adventures combine to bring camp magic to life every day.

Working at camp is a springboard to success
Camp is the job where you can connect, play, and thrive while gaining valuable experience that you can put to use in any career, whether your ultimate goal is the classroom, courtroom, operating room or boardroom! 

LBMC staff alumni work in education, marketing, law, sports, medicine, business development, behavioral health, sales, performing arts, finance, journalism, engineering and more. 

You’ll build relationships while you build your resume
A summer camp job at Bryn Mawr will help you build the “soft skills” that are highly valued by employers (and you won’t have to fetch a single cup of coffee!) 

We’ll even work with your college or university to help you fulfill internship requirements.

You’ll unplug, reset, and expand your horizons
At Bryn Mawr, you will live face-to-face, alongside coworkers from diverse backgrounds who will become your lifelong friends! 

You’ll join a century-plus legacy of sisterhood and tradition
When you join our camp staff, you become part of a community that has been growing for over one hundred years.

At LBMC, we want you as you
There is a place for everyone at Bryn Mawr! 

We believe in an inclusive work environment that promotes and values diversity, and we value our staff for the unique ideas and perspectives you bring to our community. 

As an equal opportunity employer, we embrace all that contributes to who you are today and the role model you will be for our campers.

Are you ready for the summer job experience of a lifetime?

If you are…

  • At least 19 years old and/or one year past high school graduation;
  • Excited about the prospect of living and working with children 24/7;
  • Open to new places, new experiences and new ways of doing things;
  • Able to commit to the full summer season (early June through mid-August)

…we can’t wait to hear from you!

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