Today is Somebody’s AUTUMN Birthday…

Happy birthday to all of our September and October Angels!


Birthstone: Sapphire
Flower: Aster (represents wisdom, valor, and faith) and morning glory (represents love and affection)
Famous September birthdays: Zendaya (Sept. 1), Keanu Reeves (Sept. 2), Beyonce (Sept. 4), Sydney Sweeney (Sept. 12), Ben Platt (Sept. 24)

Happy September birthday to Hayley (Upper Seniors), Willow (Bunk Two), Hailey (Upper Juniors), Charlotte (Lower Seniors), Madeline (Lower Juniors), Orli (Lodge), Daphne (Lower Juniors), Sarah (LIT), Maia (Bunk Two), Leah (Upper Juniors), Savannah (Upper Juniors), Alessandra (Lower Juniors), Sydney (Lower Juniors), Alice (Upper Seniors), Ava (Upper Seniors), Raphie (Manor House), Tessa (Lodge), Willa (Upper Juniors), Sophie (LIT), Liv (Manor House), Charlotte (Upper Juniors), Juliet (Upper Juniors), Layla (Upper Juniors), Josephine (Manor House), Lexi (Upper Juniors), Tallie (Bunk One), Chloe (Upper Seniors), Stella (LIT), Kameryn (Upper Juniors), Avery (Bunk Two), Ella (Lower Juniors), Layla (Upper Juniors), Kate (Upper Juniors), Dylan (Manor House), Gigi (Upper Juniors), and Summer (Upper Seniors)!


Birthstone: Opal and tourmaline
Flower: Marigold (represents success, energy, the sun) and cosmos (represents tranquility, peace, and love)
Famous October birthdays: Camilla Belle (Oct. 2), Tessa Thompson (Oct. 3), Cardi B (Oct. 11), Felicity Jones (Oct. 17)

Happy birthday to Gabby (Lodge), Ivy (Lower Seniors), Isabel (Upper Seniors), Willa (Manor House), Willa (Upper Seniors), Lucy (Lower Seniors), Sadie (Lower Juniors), Lila (Lower Seniors), Shoshana (Lower Juniors), Liv (Upper Juniors), Emma (LIT), Rowan (Manor House), Isabelle (Upper Seniors), Addison (Bunk Two), Liv (Lower Juniors), Mia (Lower Juniors), Sydney (Upper Juniors), Brandi (Upper Seniors), Olivia (Bunk Two), Elle (Upper Seniors), Maya (Bunk One), Harlow (Lower Juniors), Olivia (Bunk Two), Lailah (Lodge), Emily (Upper Seniors), Morgan (Upper Seniors), Lila (Lower Seniors), Morgan (LIT), and Hallie (Lower Juniors)!

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