All About Camp

Lake Bryn Mawr Camp was founded in 1921, making it one of the oldest traditional girls’ summer camps in the country! We believe in creating an environment where our campers (and staff) feel comfortable trying new things, expressing themselves, and growing and learning through play. 

At the heart of everything we do is the Angel Code: Loyalty, Beauty, Merit, and Comradeship. These values help guide our campers to be good sports, good citizens, and good friends.

Camp traditions are an important part of our community and culture, from Talent Night to Gold Rush to Wacky Wednesdays to Chocolate Banana Night to Color War! Camp spirit rings through the Dining Hall at mealtimes, and we like to end all camp events by coming together to sing the Alma Mater that honors the special place Bryn Mawr holds in each of our hearts.

Camper Age Groups at LBMC

Our Campers

Bryn Mawr is a summer home to approximately 320 campers, ages 7 to 15. Most of our campers return summer after summer — you will hear them talk about “living ten months for two!” Campers live in bunks, grouped by age, in an area of camp known as “Cabin Row.” Each cabin houses between 8 and 14 campers, along with two or three counselors who are supported by a Group Leader and a Division Head.

Junior Camp

Most of our first-time campers are juniors going into second through fifth grade. These age groups require counselors who are nurturing and caring, upbeat, organized and energetic. Our Cabin Specialists play a vital role in the Junior Camp division, accompanying younger campers to their activities and helping them adjust to camp life. As our youngest campers, most Manor House residents are experiencing Bryn Mawr for the first time. Manor House counselors must be loving, patient and sensitive, but with a strong sense of creativity and fun.

Middle Camp

Upper Juniors and Lower Seniors are girls going into sixth and seventh grades. While there are new campers in this division, many are returning for their third, fourth or fifth summers. Seventh graders are experiencing Senior Camp and its accompanying privileges (electives, socials with boys’ camps, overnight trips) for the first time. While these campers still require supervision, they are becoming a bit more independent. Counselors in this division must be patient, creative, understanding and resilient.

Senior Camp

Our oldest campers are going into eighth through tenth grade. Campers in Bunk One (tenth grade) and Bunk Two (ninth grade) are camp leaders, responsible for setting a spirited tone for the younger girls. A Bunk Two counselor’s most important job is helping her campers make the adjustment from a small cabin group to living in one bunk with as many as 50 other girls! She should be creative, resourceful and able to handle pretty much anything.

Bunk One campers have a variety of leadership obligations, from cheering up homesick campers to leading the weeklong Color War in August. Bunk One counselors must be energetic, positive, flexible and able to understand the girls’ commitment to camp spirit and traditions.

Within the age groups, each individual cabin has its own community and personality. That’s why we wait to assign counselors to bunks until our staff training week. Once we have time to get to know you, we will be able to place you in the cabin that will be the best fit for you, your campers, co-counselors and Group Leaders!