Tradition Time With Eliza!

Liza’s Tradition Time: March Meeting

Some say the highlight every year during the month of March is March Madness Basketball. While I do love a good bracket, the highlight for me is my own personal form of March Madness: March Meeting! 

March Meeting marks the moment when our rising Super Seniors officially become Bunk One and start preparing to take on all of the leadership roles that come with that title. The girls come up to camp for a night to participate in team building, design their special uniform, decide the Color War themes and more. The day is jam-packed with meetings, activities and fun. Of course, camp favorites like Asian Fusion are involved 🙂 

For me as an alumna, March Meeting is so special because I can remember the feeling of becoming Bunk One back in 2010, and I get to watch girls have the same experience that I did: the pure joy and uncontainable excitement that it is finally their turn

Somehow it seems that every year I say “I can’t believe these girls are Bunk One,” and this year, that could not be more true. The campers of BOS ’22 are the girls who were in the Manor House eight years ago when I came back to work at camp after spending a few summers away from LBMC. For that reason, this March Meeting was extra special to me — because in camp staff years, it’s like I made it to my own Bunk One summer all over again! 

What else goes on at March Meeting? Well… Surprises are an important part of the magic of camp, and just like Chocolate Banana Night and Color War break, there are some things about March Meeting that we can’t tell you about until it is your turn! All I will say now is that I am SUPER excited about BOS ’22… and the Color War themes are AMAZING. Get ready for an unbelievable summer led by this awesome group!


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