Junior Camp

For our younger campers, summer is a time to broaden horizons by trying a little bit of everything. Junior Campers — girls going into second through sixth grade — participate in an activity program that’s designed to give them a taste of as many different activities as possible, along with age-appropriate day trips and opportunities for intercamp competition and additional instruction in favorite sports. From drama to swimming, tennis to arts and crafts, softball to outdoor adventure, Junior Camp is all about saying “YES” to trying new things!

  • Manor House: Entering 2nd-3rd Grade
  • Lodge: Entering 4th Grade
  • Lower Junior: Entering 5th Grade
  • Upper Juniors: Entering 6th Grade

Except for Upper Juniors, Junior Campers attend all of their activities accompanied by their cabin counselors. Junior Camp staff are selected for their ability to nurture and care for our youngest Angels while echoing their enthusiasm for the magic of camp. Our youngest Junior Campers live in the Manor House, overseen by the “Manor House Mama,” a special group leader who coordinates the daily routines for our smallest Angels.

Junior Camp: 2nd - 6th grades