Welcome to Lake Bryn Mawr CampWelcome to Bryn Mawr Camp

Spirit. Tradition. Sisterhood.

Welcome to a place where time stands still for seven weeks.
Where bunkmates become friends and friends become sisters.
Where every girl is free to be the person she wants to be.
Where every day is brimming with possibility.

Welcome to Lake Bryn Mawr Camp!

The Bryn Mawr philosophy is built on four basic values: Loyalty, Beauty, Merit, Comradeship.

The Angel Code

As Bryn Mawr Angels we'll uphold these four values: The Angel Code

Loyalty - means being true, faith & honor in all we do.

Beauty - is in more than skin, beauty comes from deep within.

Merit - is working hard all day, developing virtue along the way.

Comradeship - is being a friend, loving others 'til the end.

Bryn Mawr is a unique place that fosters lifelong friendships – “summer sisters.” A place where your angel is free to express herself and try new things. A place where she can roll out of bed, throw on her uniform and greet the day where the emphasis is on her experience.