Parents of Staff FAQs

We Are Parents Too!

Home Away From Home (Accommodations):

All of our counselors live in a cabin with 8-14 campers. Our support staff will live in housing with other support staff. Program directors and group leaders will live with other leadership in separate housing. Our cabins have bunk beds, electricity, bathroom and shower facilities. Whether living with campers or staff, there is very little privacy.

Money And More (Compensation):

Our salary package includes transportation from the airport if staff member arrives and leaves on our designated days, a travel stipend, meals/snacks, camp uniform tops (staff is required to bring navy and white bottoms) and housing. Paychecks are distributed three times during the summer. Staff need to come prepared with enough cash or debit cards for the first 3 weeks.

What’s For Dinner? (Meals):

Counselors sit with campers and supervise while in the dining hall. We provide three meals and two snacks throughout the day. Our hot meals are supplemented by a salad bar and there are always vegetarian options. If there are any additional dietary concerns, we ask to be notified prior to arriving at camp and may need a doctor’s note for special food requirements.

Time For A Break (Time Off):

There will be six days off during the summer (reveille until safety check-in) plus two additional nights off each week (6:00 pm until safety check-in). OD (on-duty) days will include a period off scheduled by a supervisor. Sunday nights are staff nights which include a meeting and a special activity.

*We have a drug-free, alcohol-free and no smoking work environment with a zero tolerance policy. The possession or consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs as well as vaping is strictly prohibited on camp grounds and is cause for immediate dismissal. After time off, returning to camp under the influence of any mind-altering substance is prohibited and grounds for immediate dismissal.

Phone Home (Communication):

Wifi and internet access is available on camp. Cell phones are not permitted on cabin row or in program areas. All staff will be assigned a locker for their electronic devices which may be used during time off. We have computers available for use at no charge. If there is an emergency and you need to reach someone as soon as possible, please contact our Staffing Director, Jocelyn Glantz, at 570-253-2488 or email at

Health Care:

Our Health Center is staffed by 6 nurses and a doctor. The Health Center can dispense over the counter medicine as needed and can treat minor illnesses. All staff must submit an up-to-date physical examination including documentation of all immunizations prior to the start of camp. In addition, staff must have a valid insurance and prescription card.