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Do-It-Yourself Pop-Ups For Winter Fun

We had so much fun getting to see many of you at our Pop-Ups this fall! Big indoors gatherings might not be back quite yet, but there is a ton of fun to be had outside, even as the weather starts to get chilly. Here are some of our winter activity suggestions for outdoors meetups with your camp friends (or any friends!) this winter:

Gather for a game of kickball or Quidditch.

Who doesn’t love a silly game? Especially one that can be played in any park, field, or big backyard (even in the snow for a winter activity). If you need a refresher, you can find the rules for Quidditch online. (Did you know that kickball has its own special rules, too? So does Wiffle Ball, believe it or not.)

Go for a winter hike.

For hiking with no bugs and nice cool temperatures, find a fun trail near you and meet up to explore — no need for bug spray! Here are some ideas in New Jersey, Philadelphia, D.C., Long Island, Westchester and Florida. Hiking is an option even if you live in the city! Check out this list of winter walks and hikes for kids in and around NYC.

Stage your own Silent Disco.

Recreate one of your favorite camp evening activities in your own backyard! This app lets you set up a Silent Disco for you and your friends so you can dance to your own beat without driving your parents (and neighbors) crazy.

Yarn-Bomb a Tree.

Looking for an unusual art project you can do outdoors? This yarn-wrapping tutorial proves that even trees love friendship bracelets!

Paint in (and on) the snow.

Our fingers are crossed for some snow days this winter… we can’t wait to try out this super-simple do-it-yourself snow painting winter activity. All you need is water, food coloring, a few squeeze bottles… just add snow (and friends, of course)!

Fun winter activity ideas for kids

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