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7 Gifts You Can Make At Home

The SHAC might be packed up for the winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel some of your summertime creativity into making fun, colorful gifts for your friends, family and teachers. Here are some ideas for beautiful, useful presents you can make with simple items from the craft store. 

  • Wondering what to do with all those camp photos? Turn them into photo coasters using this tutorial! These would also be great with family pictures or Bat Mitzvah photos.
  • Hot cocoa tastes even better in a personalized mug, made using oil-based Sharpie pens. You can do an initial, a design, or any shape you like (may we suggest… an angel?)
  • This ombre yarn-wrapped letter is easy to make with just a few basic items, and there are endless options for embellishments and colors.
  • Do-it-yourself magnets are a great way to share your art, maps of places that you care about, or very small photos. This tutorial shows you three ways to make them, using glass marbles, wood squares, or bottle caps.
  • Macrame is super popular, mega-stylish, and surprisingly not that hard to do! These mini macrames can be used as keychains or bag charms and dyed any color.
  • Have you seen the Perler bead daisy belts that have been trending on TikTok? Here’s how you can make those flowers yourself and turn them into charms for jewelry and accessories!
  • These braided bracelets can be made with jump rings and leather in any color (like, oh, say… green and gold…) and make a sweet addition to your friends’ arm stacks.

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