Today is Somebody’s AUTUMN Birthday…

Happy birthday to all of our September and October Angels!


Birthstone: Sapphire
Flower: Aster (represents wisdom, valor, and faith) and morning glory (represents love and affection)
Famous September birthdays: Zendaya (Sept. 1), Keanu Reeves (Sept. 2), Beyonce (Sept. 4), Sydney Sweeney (Sept. 12), Ben Platt (Sept. 24)

Happy September birthday to Hayley (Upper Seniors), Willow (Bunk Two), Hailey (Upper Juniors), Charlotte (Lower Seniors), Madeline (Lower Juniors), Orli (Lodge), Daphne (Lower Juniors), Sarah (LIT), Maia (Bunk Two), Leah (Upper Juniors), Savannah (Upper Juniors), Alessandra (Lower Juniors), Sydney (Lower Juniors), Alice (Upper Seniors), Ava (Upper Seniors), Raphie (Manor House), Tessa (Lodge), Willa (Upper Juniors), Sophie (LIT), Liv (Manor House), Charlotte (Upper Juniors), Juliet (Upper Juniors), Layla (Upper Juniors), Josephine (Manor House), Lexi (Upper Juniors), Tallie (Bunk One), Chloe (Upper Seniors), Stella (LIT), Kameryn (Upper Juniors), Avery (Bunk Two), Ella (Lower Juniors), Layla (Upper Juniors), Kate (Upper Juniors), Dylan (Manor House), Gigi (Upper Juniors), and Summer (Upper Seniors)!


Birthstone: Opal and tourmaline
Flower: Marigold (represents success, energy, the sun) and cosmos (represents tranquility, peace, and love)
Famous October birthdays: Camilla Belle (Oct. 2), Tessa Thompson (Oct. 3), Cardi B (Oct. 11), Felicity Jones (Oct. 17)

Happy birthday to Gabby (Lodge), Ivy (Lower Seniors), Isabel (Upper Seniors), Willa (Manor House), Willa (Upper Seniors), Lucy (Lower Seniors), Sadie (Lower Juniors), Lila (Lower Seniors), Shoshana (Lower Juniors), Liv (Upper Juniors), Emma (LIT), Rowan (Manor House), Isabelle (Upper Seniors), Addison (Bunk Two), Liv (Lower Juniors), Mia (Lower Juniors), Sydney (Upper Juniors), Brandi (Upper Seniors), Olivia (Bunk Two), Elle (Upper Seniors), Maya (Bunk One), Harlow (Lower Juniors), Olivia (Bunk Two), Lailah (Lodge), Emily (Upper Seniors), Morgan (Upper Seniors), Lila (Lower Seniors), Morgan (LIT), and Hallie (Lower Juniors)!


Today is Somebody’s MAY Birthday…

Happy birthday to all of our May Angels!

Birthstone: Emerald
Flower: Lily of the valley (represents sweetness, humility, and good luck), hawthorn (represents hope)
Famous May birthdays: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (May 2), Adele (May 5), Billy Joel (May 9), Debby Ryan (May 13), Miranda Cosgrove (May 14), Lily-Rose Depp (May 27)

Happy May birthday to Ann (Manor House), Anna (Lodge), Ariana (Bunk One), Grace (Bunk Two), Eden (Upper Juniors), Ella (Lower Seniors), Charlotte (Upper Juniors), Joley (Upper Seniors), Alana (Upper Seniors), Sasha (Lodge), Joia (Upper Juniors), Lily (Bunk One), Ashley (Lodge), Olivia (Bunk Two), Belle (Lodge), Chloe (Upper Seniors), Leah (Bunk Two), Taylor (Lodge), Vera (Lower Seniors), Grace (Lower Juniors), Carly (Bunk Two), and Mikayla (Upper Seniors)!


Today is Somebody’s APRIL Birthday…

Happy birthday to all of our April Angels!

Birthstone: Diamond
Flower: Daisy (represents innocence) and sweet pea (represents greetings and goodbyes)
Famous April birthdays: Robert Downey Jr. (April 4), Paul Rudd (April 6), Elle Fanning (April 9), Brooklyn Decker (April 12), John Cena (April 23) and Lizzo (April 27)

Happy April birthday to Jordy (Bunk 2), Becca (Bunk 2), Emma (Bunk 1), Greta (Bunk 1), Julia (Manor House), Hailey (Lodge), Lucy (Lower Juniors), Sophia (Lodge), Julia (Upper Juniors), Mia (Manor House), Ruth (Upper Juniors), Zoey (Lower Seniors), Hannah (Upper Seniors), Lily (Upper Seniors), Saanvi (Lower Juniors), Jaden (Bunk 2), Reese (Upper Seniors), Yazzy (Lower Juniors), Sadie (Upper Juniors), Deia (Bunk 2) and Jenna (Lower Seniors)!


Today is Somebody’s MARCH Birthday…

Happy birthday to all of our March Angels!

Birthstone: Aquamarine
Flower: Daffodil (represents new beginnings and joy)
Famous March birthdays: Justin Bieber (March 1), Jon Bon Jovi (March 2), Shaquille O’Neal (March 6), Lily Collins (March 18), Lady Gaga (March 28)

Happy March birthday to Addison (Lodge), Adelaide (Manor House), Adele (Upper Juniors), Alyssa (Lodge), Ana (Manor House), Archer (Manor House), Ava (Upper Seniors), Ava (Bunk 1), Brette (Lodge), Carleigh (Bunk 2), Caroline (Bunk 1), Eden (Upper Seniors), Elena (Lower Seniors), Emily (Bunk 1), Eva (Upper Juniors), Gabby (Bunk 1), Gabriella (Lower Juniors), Jillian (Upper Juniors), Jillian (Bunk 2), Jordana (Lower Juniors), Lindsay (Bunk 2), Lola (Bunk 2), Margaux (Upper Juniors), Maya (Bunk 1), Maya (Manor House), Mimi (Bunk 2), Phoebe (Bunk 1), Reese (Bunk 1), Riley (Lower Juniors), Sarah (Bunk 1), Tim Tim (Upper Seniors), Victoria (Lower Juniors), Vivienne (Manor House), Vivienne (Upper Juniors), and Zoe (Bunk 2)!


Today is Somebody’s AUTUMN Birthday…

Happy birthday to all of our September, October and November Angels!

September Birthdays

Birthstone: Sapphire
Flower: Aster (represents love and wisdom)
Famous September birthdays: Zendaya (September 1), Beyonce (September 4), Nick Jonas (September 16), Bruce Springsteen (September 23)

Happy September birthday to Alessandra (Lodge), Alexis (Lower Juniors), Alice (Lower Seniors), Ava (Lower Seniors), Avery (Upper Seniors), Avery (Manor House), Ayla (Lower Juniors), Charlotte (Lower Juniors), Charlotte (Upper Juniors), Chloe (Lower Seniors), Daphne (Lodge), Ella (Lodge), Emma (Bunk One), Hailey (Lower Juniors), Hayley (Lower Seniors), Juliet (Lower Juniors), Jameryn (Lodge), Kate (Lower Juniors), Layla (Lower Juniors), Layla (Lower Juniors), Leah (Lower Juniors), LIv (Manor House), Madeline (Lodge), Madison (Bunk Two), Rachel (Bunk One), Raphaelle (Manor House), Sarah (Bunk One), Savannah (Lower Juniors), Sophie (Bunk One), Stella (Bunk One), Summer (Lower Seniors), Sydney (Bunk One), Tallie (Bunk Two), and Willow (Upper Seniors)!

October Birthdays

Birthstone: Opal
Flower: Marigold (represents warmth and creativity
Famous October birthdays: Gwen Stefani (October 3), Ralph Lauren (October 14), Katy Perry (October 25), Nastia Liukin (October 30)

Happy October birthday to Addison (Upper Seniors), Brandi (Lower Seniors), Elle (Lower Seniors), Eloise (Lodge), Emily (Lower Seniors), Emily (Lower Seniors), Emma (Bunk One), Gabby (Manor House), Hallie (Lodge), Hannah (Lower Seniors), Isabelk (Lower Seniors), Isabelle (Bunk One), Icy (Upper Juniors), Lailah (Manor House), Lila (Upper Juniors), Lila (Upper Juniors), Liv (Lodge), Lucy (Upper Juniors), Maya (Bunk Two), Mia (Lodge), Morgan (Bunk One), Olivia (Lower Seniors), Olivia (Lower Juniors), Olivia (Upper Seniors), Olivia (Upper Seniors), Sadie (Lodge), Shoshana (Lodge), Sydney (Lower Juniors), Willa (Lower Seniors), and Zoey (Bunk One)!

November Birthdays

Birthstone: Topaz
Flower: Chrysanthemum (represents friendship and happiness)
Famous November birthdays: Lorde (November 7), Anne Hathaway (November 12), Scarlett Johansson (November 22), Miley Cyrus (November 23)

Happy November birthday to Abby (Bunk One), Aerin (Bunk One), Audrey (Manor House), Brooke (Upper Juniors), Charlotte (Upper Juniors), Charlotte (Manor House), Dahlia (Lodge), Jessica (Bunk One), Julia (Bunk Two), Julia (Lodge), Kaitlyn (Lower Juniors), Natalya (Upper Seniors), Sasha (Upper Juniors), Skylar (Upper Seniors), Sophie (Upper Juniors), Thea (Upper Seniors), Zahara (Bunk One), Zoe (Lodge), and DAN AND JANE!!!

What Makes Bryn Mawr so Special?

It is only normal for us to reflect on the summer all months, especially this month as our Winter Reunion will be in a few weeks. Below are excerpts from a letter that was send to us by a 4 year staff member. We hope you enjoy it.


Working at Camp Bryn Mawr has been an experience that reached beyond all expectations. Here, I have been able to forge relationships that have lasted years and create new friendships every summer. It’s amazing to think that I can travel the United States or even the world and have people I love everywhere I go. That is something I owe to working at this remarkable summer camp. Bryn Mawr has turned into nothing short of my summer home, and the people there, my summer family.

At Bryn Mawr you are given the unique privilege to work in an all-girls setting. This is what makes this place so special. At camp you can see a literal transformation in the girls you work with. They step off the bus in June and immediately feel more like themselves. The atmosphere gives them a place to feel comfortable, a place where you don’t have to look in a mirror or constantly work to impress anybody but yourself.king at Camp Bryn Mawr has been an experience that reached beyond all expectations. Here, I have been able to forge relationships that have lasted years andcreate new friendships every summer. It’s amazing to think that I can travel the United States or even the world and have people I love everywhere I go. That is something I owe to working at this remarkable summer camp. Bryn Mawr has turned into nothing short of my summer home, and the people there, my summer family.

Working here has allowed me to help these young women become comfortable in their own skin, make new friends and excel at the things they love. They are given the chance to branch off from their school year expectations, and you are given the opportunity to help them find their path. To be a part of that gives me such a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

I have fallen in love with Bryn Mawr and everything that makes it so special. It has transformed me as much as it has transformed every girl who attends.

Learning from Each Other

As a camp director, people often ask me what I do “during the year”. One of my favorite things to do when I am not directing our summer sleepaway camp is to attend educational seminars. I learn ways to give girls the best possible camp experience, and often take away pearls of wisdom to share with parents.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend two interesting programs. Rachel Simmons spoke on “Empowering Girls to Make Real Friends, Communicate Honestly and Directly and be True to Themselves”. Girls need to talk about their feelings. Adults need to ask about their feelings, and then validate them. A traditional all girls camp is a safe place for girls to practice sharing with each other how they feel. When we practice kicking a soccer ball, we get better. When we practice talking about our feelings, we can get better too. I liked this acronym that Rachel Simmons uses to help girls express how they are feeling or how to solve a problem:

G = Gather your choices- What are some things that I can say or do?

I =   I choose- What will you do?

R =  Reasons are- Why did you decide that?

L =  List the outcomes- What might happen if I choose this option?

Next, I heard Jessica Weiner speak about “Today’s Tweens, Teens, and Everythingin Between.” Jess is considered to be a “go to authority” on girls and self confidence. She serves as Dove’s Global Ambassador for Self Esteem, creating content and curriculum for countries around the world. She reiterated that our tweens and teens are living in a digital world, and this makes real relationships more important than ever. As adults, we have a responsibility to remind our children that every user, friend, or follower is a human being. I liked some of her other thoughts:

  • Pause before you post. Make sure your child understands that once they post, it is permanent.
  • Tech Parking Lot- Everyone parks their device in a “parking lot” for a designated amount of time. Talk to your children about what you did during that time and what it actually feels like to disconnect.

Camp is a 7-week Tech Parking Lot! It gives girls the chance to learn to communicate with each other in a deeper way.

From the Outside Looking In – A Parent Perspective

Dear Jane and Dan,

I just wanted to personally thank you for all that you do to give these girls the summer of their lives. My daughter Erica, and my niece Ayla, came home with rave reviews. As impressed as I am with your program, the girls experienced it first hand. And, they are still talking about everything from the first day of camp, to the final night banquet. Even more, they have discussed their desire to come back as Bunk One Angels.

I never dreamed that my daughter, in particular, would find it such a positive experience. I feel that you definitely kept each of the girl’s personality profiles in mind, when choosing their mini groups. Erica was with a wonderful group of girls, in her “mini” group. Basically, she liked everyone in the manor house, and beyond. The Bryn Mawr Camp program allows for individuality, acceptance, and definitely helps the girls to build their self-confidence/self-esteem, just as stated in your video and during the home visit! Erica was encouraged to participate in activities, in which she otherwise expressed little to no interest. And, she loved everything. Even if she “wasn’t the best at it…”. I could not have asked for anything more!!!

In addition, I can see that all of the staff, yourselves included, truly enjoy camp. You get involved in all aspects of camp life. I appreciate that you cannot be everywhere at one time, but your presence is definitely felt by the girls! Which is, to me, exceptional. Ownership brings with it many challenges, however, you seem to have made the girls feel as though they are the top priority. I was thrilled to learn of the same!

Finally, I appreciate you for getting back to me when I had concerns. As the parents of three girls, I am sure you both understand the tricks ones mind can play, when looking at camp pictures. You helped to put my mind at ease, when I was missing my daughter, and my niece. I tried not to be “that parent”, but when I was close, you responded promptly. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

As you know, I was a camper there, and it seems that it is even better than I experienced!!! That is a true testament to your efforts throughout the summer, and the year. Hope you get to rest for a couple of weeks before it is back to work! The girls are starting the countdown to SUMMER 2013…

Best Regards,
An Appreciative Parent of a Manor House Camper and Aunt to a Lodge Camper

Angel Philosophy

Loyalty means being true, faith and honor in all we do.  Beauty is in more than skin, beauty comes from deep within.  Merit is working hard all day, developing virtue along the way.  Comradeship is being a friend, loving others ‘til the end.  As Bryn Mawr Angels we’ll uphold these four values: the Angel Code.

When I first started working at Bryn Mawr I had no idea just how much that paragraph up there would change my life.  I thought I was in for a one-time deal, a summer job that would let me experience the East Coast and maybe an introduction to sleep-away camp that I had never had before.  Imagine my surprise to find myself sitting here, in my 7th summer, writing this blog!

You know that Bryn Mawr is a unique place, a place that fosters lifelong friendships—‘summer sisters’.  A place where your Angel can be free to express herself and to try new things.  A place where she can roll out of bed, throw on a uniform, and greet the day where the emphasis is on her experience rather than her appearance.  It is a place where the Angel Code is so deeply entrenched that it is a part of every activity and every program lesson.

I am here to tell you that Bryn Mawr is a unique place for a completely different reason, and one you might not have even considered.  The staff, a team of professionals who are here doing what they do best—inspiring, leading, teaching.  The staff, who come back summer after summer for the very same reason your daughters do!  The Angel Philosophy and what it means in our lives also.  The staff at Bryn Mawr genuinely understand the magnitude of the responsibility they have been given for the summer—your children!  Understanding that responsibility makes the four virtues in the Angel Philosophy that much more important because in order to teach it and pass it along we need to feel it, embrace it, and allow it to change our lives just as surely as it changes the lives of the campers.  And I am here to testify that it does!

I will be writing more about the Angel Code as the summer goes on.  I will be looking for those situations that exemplify the Angel Philosophy so that I can share it with all of you and give you not only a glimpse into the summer home that your Angels love so much but also just why the staff here are so inspired and passionate and even awestruck to be working at LBMC.

What Questions Should I Ask My Child’s Camp Director?

When you’re sending your child to sleepaway camp for the first time, even if you’re a seasoned camper yourself, the process of choosing a camp can be a little bit overwhelming – and you might not remember to ask all the right questions. Any good camp director will tell you about their camp philosophy, programs and traditions, but there are some questions you can ask to ensure you and your daughter are making the right choice for her. Here’s a handy clip-and-carry guide to bring along to those camp tours so you can be sure to get the information you need about the prospective summer homes you’re considering for your daughter.

What steps do you take to help welcome my daughter to camp?

Camp life is wonderful, and it’s also a big adjustment — new friends, new bed, new food, new schedule. It’s a lot to take in! How does this camp help your daughter make the transition? Are there pre-camp programs, like pen pals or meetups, to help her make connections before she gets off the bus? Will she have a “buddy” or “big sister” at camp to answer her questions and serve as a role model?

Who will supervise my daughter at night?

Some camps have a counselor on duty in each and every cabin every night, while other camps have one “OD” (on duty) counselor supervising several cabins while other staff members have time off. Make sure your daughter’s camp has an OD policy that provides for a level of coverage that you’re comfortable with.

When will I talk to my daughter?

Part of the camp experience is becoming more independent, and that usually means daughters don’t get to talk to their parents every single day. Find out what your camp’s communication policy is, and make sure if you have any questions about it you ask them before camp starts. Will your daughter call home during the summer? Can you send her e-mails? Will she be required to write letters? And are you willing to abide by the camp’s communication policy?

What do you do to look out for campers emotional wellbeing?

Activities and skill building are important parts of any camp program, but your daughter isn’t just an athlete, artist and adventurer — she’s also a sensitive, growing girl. What does this camp do to make sure your daughter’s emotional needs are being met and to prevent and address bullying and other destructive behaviors? What is the camp’s discipline philosophy?

How can you accommodate my daughters special needs?

Whether it’s a special diet, a special friend or a special interest, if there is some additional attention your daughter will need during the summer, make sure to ask the camp director about it before you commit to the session. If a camp is not able to work with you to accommodate your daughter’s kosher diet or need for extra tennis lessons, that’s something you need to know before you put down your deposit.

What makes your camp special?

There are lots of good camps out there, but not every camp is the right fit for every camper. Make sure you pick a camp for your daughter that reflects her values, needs and interests. That’s the best way to ensure you’re sending her to a camp that will be more than an experience — it will feel like a second home.