Today is Somebody’s AUTUMN Birthday…

Happy birthday to all of our September, October and November Angels!

September Birthdays

Birthstone: Sapphire
Flower: Aster (represents love and wisdom)
Famous September birthdays: Zendaya (September 1), Beyonce (September 4), Nick Jonas (September 16), Bruce Springsteen (September 23)

Happy September birthday to Alessandra (Lodge), Alexis (Lower Juniors), Alice (Lower Seniors), Ava (Lower Seniors), Avery (Upper Seniors), Avery (Manor House), Ayla (Lower Juniors), Charlotte (Lower Juniors), Charlotte (Upper Juniors), Chloe (Lower Seniors), Daphne (Lodge), Ella (Lodge), Emma (Bunk One), Hailey (Lower Juniors), Hayley (Lower Seniors), Juliet (Lower Juniors), Jameryn (Lodge), Kate (Lower Juniors), Layla (Lower Juniors), Layla (Lower Juniors), Leah (Lower Juniors), LIv (Manor House), Madeline (Lodge), Madison (Bunk Two), Rachel (Bunk One), Raphaelle (Manor House), Sarah (Bunk One), Savannah (Lower Juniors), Sophie (Bunk One), Stella (Bunk One), Summer (Lower Seniors), Sydney (Bunk One), Tallie (Bunk Two), and Willow (Upper Seniors)!

October Birthdays

Birthstone: Opal
Flower: Marigold (represents warmth and creativity
Famous October birthdays: Gwen Stefani (October 3), Ralph Lauren (October 14), Katy Perry (October 25), Nastia Liukin (October 30)

Happy October birthday to Addison (Upper Seniors), Brandi (Lower Seniors), Elle (Lower Seniors), Eloise (Lodge), Emily (Lower Seniors), Emily (Lower Seniors), Emma (Bunk One), Gabby (Manor House), Hallie (Lodge), Hannah (Lower Seniors), Isabelk (Lower Seniors), Isabelle (Bunk One), Icy (Upper Juniors), Lailah (Manor House), Lila (Upper Juniors), Lila (Upper Juniors), Liv (Lodge), Lucy (Upper Juniors), Maya (Bunk Two), Mia (Lodge), Morgan (Bunk One), Olivia (Lower Seniors), Olivia (Lower Juniors), Olivia (Upper Seniors), Olivia (Upper Seniors), Sadie (Lodge), Shoshana (Lodge), Sydney (Lower Juniors), Willa (Lower Seniors), and Zoey (Bunk One)!

November Birthdays

Birthstone: Topaz
Flower: Chrysanthemum (represents friendship and happiness)
Famous November birthdays: Lorde (November 7), Anne Hathaway (November 12), Scarlett Johansson (November 22), Miley Cyrus (November 23)

Happy November birthday to Abby (Bunk One), Aerin (Bunk One), Audrey (Manor House), Brooke (Upper Juniors), Charlotte (Upper Juniors), Charlotte (Manor House), Dahlia (Lodge), Jessica (Bunk One), Julia (Bunk Two), Julia (Lodge), Kaitlyn (Lower Juniors), Natalya (Upper Seniors), Sasha (Upper Juniors), Skylar (Upper Seniors), Sophie (Upper Juniors), Thea (Upper Seniors), Zahara (Bunk One), Zoe (Lodge), and DAN AND JANE!!!

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