Visiting Day 2017!

With the exception of Color War break, probably no single event of the camp season is as hotly anticipated as Visiting Day! From the Manor House to Bunk One, camp is buzzing with excitement as we prepare to welcome parents, grandparents and siblings this weekend.

Here at camp, we always put some extra effort into getting ready for Visiting Day. The kitchen staff cooks up a storm to get that big, tasty lunch ready. Program staff help campers put the finishing touches on projects, presentations and new skills to show off on Saturday. And everyone works together to get every bunk extra clean for the big day.

We know our camp parents back home are anticipating this weekend every bit as much as their daughters are, with preparations for the trip to Honesdale underway well before the weekend rolls around! If you have questions about the best way to get to camp or other tips for Visiting Day, feel free to call us anytime.

It’s hard to explain the feeling of Visiting Day to someone who hasn’t experienced it. There is a lot of excitement leading up to the moment that the gates are opened to let parents on campus, followed by greetings that can be a bit emotional — understandably so! Afterward, though, the rest of the day tends to be calm and relaxed, with campers and their families simply enjoying their reunion in the way they like best. Campers may want to show off their new skills in their program areas, challenge their parents to a friendly tennis match, or simply relax and catch up over lunch. Counselors, group leaders and program directors are on hand to chat about how the summer has been going. We serve a full lunch at the Dining Hall, and many parents choose to bring some special treats from home to enjoy during the afternoon.

It seems like every year there’s another news story out there about how some summer camp parents go over-the-top for Visiting Day. While we understand there’s some entertainment value in hearing about parents who go to extremes to celebrate this special time with their children, we hope first-time camp parents know that elaborate bunk gifts, catered lunches and fancy gift baskets aren’t the norm. Ask our seasoned camp families and they’ll tell you the same thing we do: The most important present you can give your daughter on Visiting Day is the gift of your time and attention.

Years from now, when your daughter remembers her Visiting Day experiences, she probably won’t be able to recall whose parents brought what treats or how many gifts she got. What she will remember is how it felt to see your face for the first time in three weeks, and how special it was to have those hours of uninterrupted time with her family, sharing everything she had learned and experienced so far during her summer at camp.

No matter how you and your daughter spend Visiting Day, the time you’ll have together at camp is precious — not because of the gifts you bring or the treats you share, but because you have this time together.

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