The Benefits of a Uniform Camp

One of the thing that sets Bryn Mawr apart from a lot of other summer camps is our uniform policy. We’re all-uniform, all the time, with the exception of some optional nights, socials and special events. At first blush, it might seem a little bit old fashioned, but after more than 90 summers, we’re convinced that a camp uniform is as good for campers today as it was in 1920, for many reasons:

A uniform lets kids be kids.

From a very young age, our daughters experience all kinds of pressure to look and dress in certain ways. Girls have always felt pressure to be “pretty,” “girly” or “ladylike,” but now even very young girls are beginning to respond to a sense that they should be “sexy.” National retailers have attracted controversy by marketing thong underwear, string bikinis and other risqué clothing in little girls’ sizes. We love that camp is a place where girls can escape from messages that tell them they need to look and act like miniature versions of Megan Fox or Miley Cyrus. Simple shorts and T-shirts are not only the most comfortable apparel for playing outdoors, they’re the official uniform of childhood, and they let girls relax and just be themselves.

A uniform keeps the focus on camp.

Camp is a great getaway for kids. They get a break from school, from technology, and from the unhealthy competition that can unfortunately be a part of growing up. Our campers don’t have to worry whether they’re coming to camp with the trendiest clothes or the right handbag, because they know they’re coming with the same clothes as every other camper. When they get dressed in the morning, they don’t have to think about whether their outfit will be cool or mature enough, because they’re choosing from the same selection of shorts, T-shirts and sweats that every other camper has in her wardrobe. Instead, they can focus on the activities they’re planning to participate in, the skills they’ll learn, and the special events they have to look forward to.

A uniform creates a sense of community.

At Bryn Mawr, we live every day by the values of Loyalty, Beauty, Merit and Comradeship. Those values are reflected in the uniform we wear. It supports a sense of camp loyalty and pride; reinforces that beauty is something that comes from within, not from a store; reminds us that each person is equally deserving of respect; and helps us create a feeling of community among our campers and staff.

We love that our camp uniform helps create a positive atmosphere at Bryn Mawr… and we love that it’s easy to wear! In fact, campers and counselors tell us every year that it’s hard to adjust to life after camp, when they have to start thinking more about what to wear and how they should look. That’s just one reason they say they look forward to getting back to camp in June!

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