Meet the Experts, Part 2: Prepare for camp with these tips from the pros!

Last month on the LBMC blog, we introduced you to a group of experienced Lake Bryn Mawr Camp moms who shared their perspective on everything from packing tips to surviving the first “empty nest” week. In fact, our moms had so many good reflections to share that we had to save a few more for this month!

As we enter the home stretch of preparing for camp, it’s important to realize that packing duffels and labeling clothes are only one part of getting your daughter ready for her first time at camp. There is also some emotional preparation, both for her and for you. Everything about her day-to-day life will be new, and it’s important that your daughter know what she should expect from camp, what will be expected of her, and who she can go to when she’s uncertain or homesick. Below, our seasoned moms will share some more of their reflections as they look back at how they felt getting ready for their own daughters’ first summers at camp — and at how camp impacted their daughters’ lives.

But first, we’d like to share some advice from one of our most trusted advisors. Bob Ditter is an expert in helping kids get the most out of camp, and for more than a decade he’s worked with our staff, campers and parents to provide training and guidance. We asked Bob to share his advice for first-time Bryn Mawr parents. In this short video he shares his strategies for helping set your daughter’s expectations about her relationship with her counselors, camp routines, and more. We encourage you to take a few minutes to hear his thoughts — and remember, we are always available to answer your pre-camp questions!

Bob Ditter Video

Tips From Our Moms

Robin: “LBMC did an amazing job for preparing us for our first year at camp. We followed the process from start to finish. If you are a first time camp parent, my best advice is trust the system. It works. Jane and Dan and their staff know the ins and outs and if there is any doubt, they want you to reach out to them – they are totally transparent, totally capable and work together to ensure your daughter will thrive!”

Laurie: “I’d advise your daughters to take full advantage of what Bryn Mawr has to offer. My daughters have said that being at Bryn Mawr was like being at a specialty camp for each activity! They actually became quite good athletes! I would encourage my child to try everything.”

Kimberly: “The one question I wish I’d asked was: How does it all go by so fast?? Definitely savor this special time in your daughter’s life. Before you can blink, she’s an LIT!!”

Laurie: “Parents and daughters should know that it is OK to be homesick or miss their parents or siblings. It doesn’t mean they don’t like camp or love camp; it simply means they miss you, and it is normal to feel that way.”


Laurie: “From my experience, I think Bryn Mawr tries to take care of children physically and emotionally. Would you believe I had such confidence in Jane and Dan and the way camp was run that I asked them for advice on a camp for my son? From our experience with Bryn Mawr, I see that my daughters have lifelong friends, that they learned how to live with others, how to deal with other personalities, how to get along with other girls. They learned great social skills, teamwork, leadership, helping and taking care of others, etc. They learned to participate, and share and try their best. I can honestly say that all the girls I know seem to be leading thriving successful lives.”

Thank you so much to our camper and alumnae moms who agreed to share their insight: Jody Googel, Robin Kranich, Laurie Bendell, Kimberly Glinert, Julie Solomon, and Rachel Strum.

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