Celebrating the red, white and blue!

Nothing’s more all-American than the Fourth of July… except for the Fourth of July celebrated the LBMC way! Campers and staff look forward to Independence Day, and with good reason: We manage to pack more fun into the Fourth than really ought to be possible. With our Lower Seniors just back from their trip to the Berkshires and the rest of Senior Camp headed out on trips next week, the Fourth is a perfect chance for camp to come together for a great big celebration – and ours lasts all day long!

The fun starts first thing in the morning as campers and counselors get dressed for the day. Our regular uniform rules are modified in honor of the nation’s birthday, and everyone on camp sports patriotic red, white and blue outfits during the day’s activities.

Of course, the most popular part of Red, White and Blue Day activity, year after year, is the annual cake decorating contest. Each cabin is given a cake to decorate using red, white and blue frosting. The best part about this competition? Everyone’s a winner, since all the cabins get to enjoy their cake creations as dessert after dinner!

While the rest of camp is enjoying a patriotic twist on their regular daily activities, our oldest campers from Bunk One are busy down in the Apple O Theater getting ready for evening activity: The Miss Firecracker Contest. This beloved annual Bryn Mawr tradition is a patriotic pageant in which representatives from every age group compete for the title of Miss Firecracker. For our Bunk One campers, Miss Firecracker is an opportunity to take a leadership role and promote camp spirit while celebrating a favorite camp tradition. They plan the schedule, write the script, decorate the stage and host the pageant. While not every camper goes onstage as a contestant, teamwork is a key component of the Miss Firecracker Contest. Whether or not she competes herself, every girl in camp gets to participate in the pageant, whether by helping her bunkmate prepare a costume (red, white and blue, of course) and a talent, by assisting with practice interview questions, or by showing her age group spirit during the competition.

After we’ve crowned Miss Firecracker and had an evening snack, there’s still one more celebration in store: our annual Fourth of July fireworks display. You haven’t really seen fireworks until you’ve seen them in the dark expanse of the Poconos sky, with no buildings or streetlights to compete with the rainbow bursts of sparks. We take full advantage of the night sky to stage one of the biggest, most colorful – and safest – fireworks displays in Wayne County. It’s the perfect ending to our busy Independence Day celebration.

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