Tradition Time With Eliza!

Liza’s Tradition Time: Special Snacks (And Special Memories)

For those who have been to camp before, you know that when you think of snack, you think of Peter Lai standing on the deck of the Dining Hall. 

Peter knew that I loved ice cream and green (not red) apples and would always tell me the specific ice cream pop and the apple color for that day — because he knew that was what I was really wondering. That was Peter — he made everyone feel special and remembered things about them that no one else ever did! So Liza’s Tradition Time in this newsletter is dedicated to Peter, and all of the special snacks at Bryn Mawr. 

Some of you might be able to guess my favorite special snack at camp: It is Ice Cream Night. I love ice cream (with TONS of rainbow sprinkles), and I love Ice Cream Night at camp for so many reasons., I love serving the whipped cream in the sundae line (spoiler alert: I definitely give too much). I love the tradition of singing at Ice Cream Night. After everyone has their sundae, Bunk One asks different girls in camp to sing a song. It is a time-honored tradition that was one of my favorites as a camper and remains one today.  

Other special snacks at camp include Pizza Night, Chocolate Banana Night (ssshhhh…), churros, s’mores, funnel cakes, and hot pretzels! I know that I will miss seeing Peter’s smile every afternoon, evening, and special snack next summer… but I know that his spirit will always be with us, every time we go to the Dining Hall for snack!


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