Tradition Time With Eliza!

Liza’s Tradition Time: Anniversary Night

Picture this: It’s a warm summer Friday night. We are all in the Apple O’ watching the talent show. At the end of this special evening, after we have heard a story and shared random acts of kindness, there is a bonus: anniversary night. 

On this night, we celebrate our returning campers and staff and highlight the number of years that they have been at camp. We give out a number of coveted Bryn Mawr items: 

  • 3-Year Water Bottle 
  • 4-Year Drawstring 
  • 5-Year Jacket (an all time favorite) 
  • 6-Year Blanket
  • 7-Year Watch
  • 8-Year Backpack 

As a staff member, one of the coolest parts about returning to camp year after year is getting to watch campers grow up. While the items are all great, the most special part of the night for me is seeing the girls proudly come to the stage to be recognized for their years at camp. On this night each year, I get to take a step back and reflect on the experiences that I have the opportunity of watching each summer. Without fail, there are campers that shock me — I simply can’t believe that they are in their 5th, 6th, or 7th summer because I remember them starting in the Manor House! I love watching how all of our campers grow up at camp and this night is a reminder of that. 

I am so excited for anniversary night 2021 (and every year beyond) to watch ALL OF YOU grow up at camp! Remember that when you get those special items — whether water bottles, drawstrings, jackets, blankets, watches or backpacks — they’re not just gifts. They are a reminder of how grateful we are to have YOU in our camp family.

How many years have you been at LBMC? Check out this list!


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