Tradition Time With Eliza!

Ice Cream Night


There’s no sweeter sound than hearing Bunk One start this chant that lets us all know it’s time for a surprise Ice Cream Night!

At camp, we enjoy a snack each night after evening activity. On a few exciting nights during the summer, we are treated to a special snack. One of these is Ice Cream Night.

Ice Cream Night is always a surprise, and it is always fun! We bring out a variety of flavors and toppings, and instead of going straight back to our cabins, all of camp goes to the Dining Hall together to enjoy sundaes.

Ice Cream Night is more than a special snack, though; it’s a special event all on its own. Once everyone has had their ice cream, our oldest campers in Bunk One will call up girls to sing for the whole camp. It is extremely special to see Angels from all age groups stand up in front of everyone and share their songs. There is truly magic in the Dining Hall on Ice Cream Night, and that’s why I love it.

Another reason I love Ice Cream Night: sprinkles. Many of you know that I love my ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on the top AND bottom… always. If you have never tried ordering your ice cream this way, that is your first task after reading this post. 

So — what is your favorite ice cream? Chocolate? Vanilla? Cookie Dough? Sorbet? Dairy-Free Ben & Jerrys? You’ll have to let me know!


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