Coming in 2021

Coming to LBMC in 2021…

Welcome to our newest Angels! We can’t wait to see you at camp in June.

Manor House: Addision G (Long Island), Dahlia S (New Jersey), Elle M (NYC), Eloise C (NYC), Haily K (NYC), Jordyn E (New Jersey), Lily H (Florida), Liv S (Westchester), Logan M (New Jersey), Mila M (Maryland), Shoshana W (Long Island), Sienna C (Westchester). Lodge: Alexis D (New Jersey), Alyssa K (New Jersey), Ava M (Philadelphia), Campbell R (NYC), Charlotte R (Westchester), Elle S (NYC), Grace P (Westchester), Hayley K (New Jersey), Juliet R (Westchester), Kate K (New Jersey), Maya M (Philadelphia), Nora C (NYC), Parker L (Westchester), Riley C (Connecticut), Zoe G (New Jersey), Gabriella H (NYC). Lower Juniors: Brooke M (Westchester)

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