Wayne County, Pennsylvania: Great camps, Great Community…

One important factor that affects your child’s camp experience is the region in which they go to camp. Different areas have become popular locations for summer camps for different reasons. Of course, we’re partial to Poconos camping (who wouldn’t be?), so we thought we’d share some of the reasons our camp parents give for picking a Pennsylvania camp:

“Camp travel is so easy.”

Lake Bryn Mawr Camp is located near Honesdale, Pennsylvania, in Wayne County. For campers who live in the New York and Washington, D.C., metro areas, it’s an easy trip to camp by bus – no need to book plane tickets or worry about missed connections.

“Our daughters enjoy the trips and outings.”

Bryn Mawr’s location provides easy access to opportunities for adventure and new experiences for our campers. From day trips to nearby amusement parks and attractions to our seniors’ overnight trips around the Northeast, when we leave camp, we don’t have to go far to provide campers with a range of enrichment and entertainment, including museums, college tours, and unique outdoor adventures.

“It’s nice to know our daughter isn’t too far away.”

While your daughter gets to experience all the independence of being off on her own at summer camp, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing she’s just a two-hour drive away. Visiting Day is an easy day trip for most camp families, and if you should need to get to camp or get your daughter home for any reason during the camp season, it’s easy to arrange transportation on short notice.

“We enjoy visiting the area, too!”

Wayne County isn’t just convenient – it’s beautiful! Many of our camp parents like to combine Visiting Day with a weekend getaway to experience the Poconos in summer. Wayne County is home to wineries and family farms, historic sites, beautiful inns and spectacular outdoor scenery. Shoppers love the antiques stores and local artists, and there are opportunities aplenty for fishing, boating, hiking and biking.

“My daughter enjoys the chance to visit with other camps.”

Wayne County is home to dozens of summer camps, and Bryn Mawr is a member of the Wayne County Camp Association, which offers our campers opportunities to interact with other campers their own age through recreational and competitive athletics, as well as social events. Nearly every day of the summer, we welcome visitors from nearby camps, and our campers love to catch up with their friends and classmates.

“We love that our children are close to one another.”

Parents who prefer the benefits of single-sex camping often also like to send their children to camps in the same region. Bryn Mawr has relationships with boys’ camps in the Wayne County area, and we coordinate on Visiting Day to ensure families can enjoy the day together without having to make special arrangements or do any extra driving.