Carlos Arciniegas Tennis
Carlos attends Binghamton University where he is a member of the Club Tennis Team. He is a two time second team All State selection and was a 4 year varsity athlete. He is been playing tennis for over 12 years. This will be Carlos’ first summer at Bryn Mawr.
Rebecca Clark Tennis
Rebecca attends Villanova University and is President of Villanova Club Tennis. She plays at the collegiate club level and was ranked as #2 singles player in her senior year of High School. This will be her first summer at camp.
Romina Ferra Tennis
Romina is from Argentina and has played tennis for 13 years. She is a certified tennis coach and is currently working at two different clubs in Argentina. This will be Romina’s first summer at Bryn Mawr.
Neil Glaser Tennis
Neil is a Varsity letter winner of Boys Tennis in all 4 years of High School. He has given tennis lessons for the past two summers teaching basic strokes with beginners to advanced players ranging from 2nd to 10th grade. This will be Neil’s first summer at Bryn Mawr.
Sam Godick Tennis
Sam was a camper for 9 summers. She played on tennis teams for the past three years and played Varsity and JV Doubles. This will be her 10th summer at Bryn Mawr.
Megan Griggs Tennis
Megan is currently attending Southhampton Solent University in England. She has played tennis since she was 12 years old and has experience in club competition. She won mixed doubles at age 15. This will be Megan’s first summer at camp.
Jemma Parsons Tennis
Jemma attends Occidental College and played with the college team. She helped pilot a quick start tennis program for 4-5 year olds. This is Jemma’s first summer at camp.
Chloe Rogers Tennis
Chloe has been enrolled in the Academy for Tennis when she was 8-10 years of age and has competed all throughout school. She hails from England where she is majoring in Sports Education from the University of Gloucestershire. This will be Chloe’s first summer at camp.
Rebecca Stillman Tennis
Rebecca was a camper for 7 summers and participated in Tennis Plus at camp. She also has played on her High School team for the past 4 years. This will be Rebecca’s 8th summer at Bryn Mawr.
Elvin Viloria Tennis
Elvin is studying at the University of Colorado Boulder and has played competitive tennis for 6 years. He has played Varsity Tennis in High School and has assisted in coaching young players at a tennis clinic during the summer.

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