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Tina McGuire Director of Programming
Tina is a graduate of Illinois State University, where she majored in communication education and minored in English education. She was as an English teacher in Winston Salem, North Carolina and returned to Illinois State to pursue a Masters degree. This will be Tina’s 10th summer.
Daria Maidenbaum Special Events/Evening Programs
Daria is a former camper and this is her 5th summer as our Director of Special Events and Evening Programs. She graduated from Syracuse University in 2010 with a BFA in stage management with a concentration in technical direction.
Rebecca Loring Athletic Director
This is Becky’s 5th summer at Bryn Mawr and her 2nd as the Athletic Director. For two years, she was our Softball Director. Becky coaches softball and volunteers with a recreation league. Becky works at the Bryn Mawr Conference Center and Mountain Retreat during the year.
Olivia Ashburne Poplar Post
Olivia recently graduated Saint-Anselm College with a degree in communications and web design. She was the photographer for the college school newspaper, The Crier and hopes to work as a school portrait photographer. This will be Olivia’s 5th summer at camp and her 2nd summer running the Poplar Post.

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