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Sydney Amulexen Director of General Athletics
Sydney has been playing Volleyball for over 12 years and is currently playing at the collegiate level. She has coached for the past two years and it will be Sydney’s first summer at camp.
Berlin Barrera Director of Fine Arts
Berlin has extensive experience in the arts including painting, drawing, woodworking, glass, textiles and ceramics. She is currently a student at the California College of the Arts. This is Berlin’s first summer at Bryn Mawr.
Marcia Beus Director of Cooking
Marcia graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in elementary education. This is her 5th summer at Bryn Mawr and we are thrilled to have her back as our Cooking Director.
Jeremy Burbrink Pool Director
Jeremy is returning to Bryn Mawr this summer as the Pool Director. He has been swimming competitively since he was 6 years old and is a member of Lewis University’s Division II swim team where he specializes in butterfly and the individual medley. This is Jeremy’s 2nd summer at camp.
Miguel Angel Canadas Director of Tennis Plus
Miguel graduated with a degree in sports management from Real Madrid University. Miguel is returning for his 7th summer at Bryn Mawr as the Director of Tennis Plus.
Shannon Carter Director of Waterski
Shannon is certified as a powerboat driver and has gained a BCU 1 star qualification (British Canoe Union). This will be her 4th summer at Bryn Mawr and her first as the Director of Waterski.
David Cardila Fernandez Director of General Tennis
David has over 9 years of experience as a tennis instructor in Spain, teaching all ages. This will be David’s 2nd summer at camp.
Claire Dieringer Director of Dance
Claire has extensive experience in teaching modern, jazz and ballet. She currently dances in two different companies. This will be Claire’s 2nd summer at Bryn Mawr.
Macy Earley Director of Drama
Macy graduated with a theatre major and has been immersed in all aspects of performing since the age of 8. This will be her 2nd summer at camp.
Josh Gray Director of Soccer
Josh played four years of NCAA collegiate soccer and is currently a college coach. This is Joshua’s 2nd summer at Bryn Mawr.
Katelyn Mogelberg Director of Softball
Katelyn has been playing softball for over 17 years. After playing high school varsity and travel, she played for two years at San Joaquin Delta Community College and then continued to play at Midway University. This is her 2nd summer at camp.
Gretchen Ray Director of Lacrosse
Gretchen enjoys participating in sports and has years of competitive experience playing lacrosse and field hockey. She is studying psychology at Boston College and is a member of their rowing team. This will be Gretchen’s first summer at Bryn Mawr.
Jocelyn Rombough Director of Ceramics
Jocelyn has a BA in Visual Arts and has extensive experience teaching fine arts and ceramics. This is her first summer at Bryn Mawr.
Kaitlyn Stanton Director of Basketball
Kaitlyn returns to Bryn Mawr for her 7th summer and her 4th as Basketball Director. She attended the State University of New York at Cortland where she majored in child education and just completed her Masters in Teaching/Special Education.
Delmore Thomas Lake Director
Delmore is coming to Bryn Mawr for his first summer from Antigua and Barbuda where he is employed at the Curtain Bluf Resort.
Jelmer Van Der Zee Director of Adventure
Jelmer returns to Bryn Mawr from the Netherlands. Last summer he was the Assistant Director of Adventure. This is Jelmer’s 3rd summer at camp.
Shelbi Vienna-Hallam Director of Fitness
Shelbi will be joining us again from Australia and is studying to be a physical education teacher. An avid athlete, she was our Assistant Director of Soccer last summer and we are excited to have her back at camp as our Fitness Director.
Scott Widman Director of Aquatics
Scott has been immersed in the camp experience from a young age. He graduated Bowling Green University where he studied Graphic Design and currently teaches at the Baldwin School in Puerto Rico. This is Scott’s 10th summer at camp.
Teshena Williams Director of Arts and Crafts
Teshena has CXC level in agricultural science and currently owns and operates a small farm and nursery in Antigua. This will be her 2nd summer at Bryn Mawr.
Laura Ivatt Assistant Director of Soccer
Laura has been immersed in soccer from a very young age and played for the Falkirk Ladies FC and her University team in Scotland. She has coached in primary and secondary school and is currently coaching U13 girls. This is Laura’s 2nd summer at camp.
Mario Mercado Assistant Director of Adventure
Mario returns to Bryn Mawr for his 3rd summer in our Adventure program. We are excited to welcome him to our leadership team.
Rebecca Stafford Assistant Director of Gymnastics
Rebecca was a gymnast for 5 years, reached level 8 (In Australia) and then was a diver for her college team. Rebecca is coming back for her 3rd summer at camp and her first as Assistant Director of Gymnastics.

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