Sophie Asker Gymnastics
Sophie graduated Sheffield Halem University with a degree in Sports Science for Performance Coaching in the United Kingdom. She has been competing since she was 6 years old and now coaches. She is qualified for Level 2 in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. This will be Sophie’s 3rd summer at camp.
Jordan Banker Gymnastics
This is Jordan’s 8th summer at camp having been a camper for the past 6 years. She had been President of the Dance Club and has assisted with younger girls at the local dance studio for the past two years. Jordan is thrilled to be returning to camp and working in the gym.
Bethany Edge Gymnastics
Bethany has experience in apparatus for over 10 years. She has helped coach apparatus for three years and has experience in coaching ages 6-11. Bethany has experience in setting up routines, making up dance moves, coaching spins and jumps properly and supporting low level tumbles. She has won floor competitions in the past. This will be her first summer at Bryn Mawr.
Maxie Salomon Gymnastics
Maxie is a former Bryn Mawr camper and LIT and is so excited to be back working in the gym. She had been on the Bryn Mawr Gymnastics team for her 9 summers as a camper and worked in the gym while an LIT. This will be Maxie’s 11th summer at camp.
Alycia Stapley Gymnastics
Alycia is a cheerleader at Northern Arizona University. She has competed in cheerleading for the last 5 years. Alycia is a gymnast specializing in tumbling. This will be her first summer at Bryn Mawr.

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