Summer Camp DivisionsDivisions

Senior and Junior Girl Divisions

Camp is structured in two divisions:

Junior Camp, girls going into second through sixth grade; and Senior Camp, girls going into seventh through tenth grade. Campers live in cabins grouped with other girls their age.

Junior Camp

In Junior Camp, the focus is on group fun! Campers live and attend activities with the other girls from their cabin, getting a taste of everything camp has to offer. Junior Camp counselors are specially selected for their ability to help younger girls make a smooth transition to camp life.

Senior Camp

In Senior Camp, girls start to take a leadership role in camp, culminating in Bunk One, their final summer, when they plan and lead traditional camp activities. Senior campers have the opportunity to expand on the skills they’ve learned by signing up for elective activities and focusing on the programs they enjoy most. Our overnight trip program also begins in Senior Camp when girls have the opportunity to travel together outside of camp on exciting, well-supervised adventures.