“Coming to camp for the first time is such an exciting experience…”

Last weekend, we welcomed new families to camp for one of our favorite events of the year: our New Camper Open House! Coming to camp for the first time is such an exciting experience, and we love getting to spend the day with our newest Angels, showing them around the campus, answering their questions, even introducing them to the bunkmates who will someday be some of their closest friends.

Along with that excitement comes a mix of emotions — including nervousness. Would you believe us if we told you it’s often the parents who are more nervous than the daughters? Sending your child away for the summer isn’t an easy thing to do. We know — we’ve done it ourselves. That’s why we remind parents with pre-camp jitters to think about all the wonderful things they’re giving their daughters by sending them to camp:

• Independence. Camp is a place where your daughter can learn to do things for herself, to try new things and take responsibility for her actions and opportunities.

• Community. Ever heard the saying “summer sisters”? That’s who your daughter’s bunkmates will become over the years as they return to camp summer after summer. There’s no better way to get to know someone than to live with them! It’s been incredibly rewarding for us to watch our own daughters stay close with their camp friends into adulthood.

• Activity. Where else can a single day in your daughter’s life include a riding lesson, a gymnastics class, a tennis match, a soccer scrimmage, a dance rehearsal, a talent show and a sleepover with her best friends — with three healthy, sit-down meals, no sitting in traffic, and lots and lots of giggling and singing?

• Opportunity. Camp is a place where it’s not just OK to try something new — it’s the whole point. Your daughter will get to do things she might never have considered doing at home.

• Freedom. No worrying about outfits and hairstyles. Our campers and staff wear a uniform that is comfortable and ensures the focus stays on fun and learning, not on who they’re wearing or how they look. In our camp community, it’s about what’s on the inside.

• Confidence. No boys means no pressure to act a certain way. Campers are free to be themselves and explore their own interests, personalities and possibilities without feeling judged.

• Safety. Physical safety, of course, is a given. But we also value emotional safety — making camp a place where girls can feel comfortable being themselves and can learn how to build positive relationships with their friends.

With the first day of camp just a few weeks away, we are counting the days to a new summer making new memories with new and returning campers alike. Never forget that your camp directors are just a phone call away — and we can’t wait to welcome your daughter and your family to our camp community.