The Angel Code in Action: Hearts for Haley

If you asked most people to define “summer camp,” they’d probably give you some predictable answers: A place where children go to make friends and learn new things. A collection of cabins in the woods. A rustic setting on a lake.

These are things that are true of a lot of summer camps. But as our Angels past and present know, Bryn Mawr is more than a place. It’s a community! From pen pals and Peanut Daughters to reunions and reconnections, LBMC campers and staff carry camp in their hearts all year round, even when they’re far away from camp. Bryn Mawr Angels don’t just “live ten months for two”; they live the Angel Code every day of the year.

We couldn’t ask for a better example of our community of caring than the video that counselor Bri Dishong made for camper Haley G., who had open heart surgery this fall. Bri reached out to other Bryn Mawr counselors on Twitter to ask them to help show Haley their love as she prepared for her procedure. It didn’t take long for word to spread about the chance to support a fellow Angel, and photos started pouring in. The finished video includes pictures and hearts from dozens of current and former LBMC campers and staff members.

“It was pretty incredible,” Bri told Jane in an e-mail. “Just another reminder of what a great place and family you and Dan provide all of us!”

Buoyed by the love and support from her camp family, Haley is now recovering well from her procedure and looking forward to next summer at Bryn Mawr. We couldn’t be more proud of Bri and all the Angels who came together to show their “summer sister” how much they care. They truly embody the loving spirit of the LBMC community!